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We live in a “modern society” where chaos, confusion and violence reign everywhere. Is it possible that ancient cultures had a higher knowledge?

Ancient civilizations were able to build amazing things!

  • How did they build their pyramids and temples?
  • Did they have technology? If so, where is it now?
  • Why all of them speak about the KUNDALINI?
  • Why did all cultures know about MEDITATION?
  • Where they took their wisdom from?
  • Why do they have so similar philosophies, myths, and symbols?

We invite you to our free course:


The Center for Inner Education is a nonprofit organization.

Our instructors are volunteers willing to help you understand our teachings.

We offer different free courses as a service to the community.

These are non-religious but philosophical and scientific studies.

People from different beliefs and philosophies are welcome.

Philosophy, reflection.

Our course:


The basic course designed for new students offer:

  • Understanding the source of wisdom
  • Similarities and wisdom of ancient cultures.
  • Scientific explanations of the ancient advance knowledge.
  • Study of the philosophies from the West and the East.
  • Relaxation and meditation for beginners.
  • The Kundalini and the Chakras, etc.

This course will be held every Wednesday at 7:30 PM,
Starting on April 1st.

ADDRESS: 4229 Elbertson St. Elmhurst, NY 11373

PHONE: (718) 509 – 5780 *** ciem.meditation@gmail.com